Welcome to Beirholm

We engineer and design sustainable textiles right here. At our office and laboratory in Denmark. Welcome inside.

Our family business spans 150 years of history and 5 generations

We innovate for decades, not seasons. Our approach?

Our textiles last decades, not seasons. We cheer when we see our old textiles looking brand-new in Europes' many laundries.
It is a sign that our team's sustainable textile innovation approach works.

Engineer for Durability

Innovate for Performance

Design for Life


Want to know where we get our inspiration from?

Welcome inside our office in Kolding, Denmark. Our office is designed to be a space for inspiration - with high ceilings and bright rooms where natural sunlight pours in the entire day - at least when it is not raining. 

Here, we engineer and design technical textiles for the future.

We innovate to increase laundry performance

Textiles have the opportunity to increase laundry performance dramatically. It's simple, really. When we innovate light-weight textiles, a laundry is able to process more pieces per ton of washed laundry. When we integrate performance technologies such as BeirTex® into the textiles, the laundry is able to dry the textiles quicker and at lower temperatures. You basically get more out of less. And within the same time or faster.

But the real test takes place in the laundry

The real test takes place in the laundry. This is where science meets practice. And we refer to it as "performance testing".

In a recent performance test, we demonstrated that our new terry towel range dries 30-35% quicker than a market standard towel. That is 30-35% more through-put but with the same amount of heat, electricity, and time.

In another test, this time performed by the Hohenstein Group, a renowned German textile institute, we showed that our BeirTex® technology textiles emit 40% less microplastics compared to a market standard product.

Such results are what drive our sustainable textile innovation. We demand more of our textiles.

We design for life

It is not easy. The balance. Wanting to create the newest fashion. Making sure that it stays in fashion. Ensuring that your design will go well with new ones in 5-10 years.

At Beirholm, we design for life. Its part of our Scandinavian heritage. It is an act of balancing. We focus on a few key principles. Simplicity is key and less is more. Timeless colors never go out of fashion. And always think in modularity. Our designs are like last bricks of a puzzle. They can change the entire look of the room. They can make up for poor interior design choices or shine alongside great ones.