No more waste. We reuse and recycle used textiles

Blycolin is contributing to the circular economy. We collect our discarded textiles from our clients and laundry partners and use this waste to develop and create new products. We call these concepts REBORN and COMEBACK.

Innovate and experiment

Linen service companies are circular in nature. When the linen is at the end of the use phase for a hotel, it still has value. As a linen service company, we collect the discarded linen to retain its value. Our discarded linen is reused in the automotive industry as cleaning cloths or donated to various charity projects in Europe. Blycolin prefers to use the raw material again to contribute to the circular economy. As a result of our experimentation with discarded linen, we are proud to present our COMEBACK and REBORN concepts. The COMEBACK concept is a product of jeans waste. And our REBORN concept is a project where post-consumer material is recycled through mechanical recycling. 

We say: a bedsheet for a bedsheet!

Less waste, more savings

In the REBORN recycling process, Blycolin’s textile waste from the hotel business is used. Besides the fact that this decreases the amount of waste, it also provides other environmental benefits. To measure these, Blycolin cooperates with REMO, a track & trace system in the chain of textile fibers. The data shows that Reborn, in comparison to regular textile processes, uses 3.49 liters less water and 6.32 less kilowatt in energy per kilogram of cotton, which in turn results in 1.58 kilogram less carbon dioxide emission.

Through Comeback, we use fabric made of worn jeans, cut-off waste, recycled and virgin polyester

Through REBORN, we recycle bed sheets and
use cut-off waste to create new sheets