Welcome to Sapphire

We operate one of the largest high-tech, vertically integrated textile productions in Pakistan.

Curious about how we manufacture your sustainable textiles?


In the blowroom we receive large bales with raw cotton fibres. Here, our high-tech setup picks layers of cotton from eachother and distributes it into the blending and cleaning machines to ensure evenly blended and clean cotton ready to be spun into yarns.


We pass the clean cotton through our carding machine where huge rollers comb out the fibres. Then, cotton is mixed with polyester for a homogenous blend. To increase strength, we use a unique spinning technology before winding the yarn on cones.


We start by transferring the yarn from the cones to large beams. We proceed to the sizing process - a process where we apply protective coating giving the yarn elasticity and strength for a smooth weaving process. Finally, we weave our yarns into actual fabric.


This process involves more than 5 sub processes which are designed to increase fabric durability by enhancing its strength and reducing shrinkage, increase user-comfort by reducing the fabric's dust emissions, and to achieve the right color - every time.


Finally, we proceed to cut the fabric into bedlinen-size pieces. The cut pieces are transported on a switch track system to ensure a smooth production flow with no heavy lifting before we sew it into the actual bedlinen set that you will be sleeping in tonight.

To ensure sustainable manufacturing we have chosen to have all processes in-house

The textile supply chain is often complex. Think about your own shirt - where did the button come from? The sleeve? Was the yarn spun at the same place as the fabric was woven? Often not.

These questions are critical to ask and you will soon start to realize that the majority of the textile industry is intransparent. So how do you ensure sustainability across the entire manufacturing process?

Well, we have decided to own and control all processes in-house. And that is how we can drive sustainability throughout the entire manufacturing process and beyond.

We give back to the Pakistani society.
At our factories and beyond.

We do not only care for the environment.
We improve it.